Evelyn was born in Mexico and raised in South Florida, ever since she was a young girl Evelyn had a passion for music and knew she wanted to be apart of the culture one day. Throughout her scholar years Evelyn discovered her passion for writing and literature.

While attending Palm Beach State College she grew a desire to work in Radio and TV. Evelyn began an internship with Alpha Media Company and eventually started working as a producer/writer/reporter with multiple stations including; NewsTalk 850, Fox Sports 640, Beatz 963, X1023, 979 WRMF, and Sunny 979.

While working in radio Evelyn did not shy away from the camera, she started her own YouTube channel “ERTV” and began posting inspirational videos, album and mixtape reviews, lifestyle vlogs, and eventually started interviewing Hip Hop artists.

Not only does Evelyn have a love for music, she has also been involved in combat sports. Evelyn started boxing when she was 12 years old and is a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  She has worked for the World Fighting Organization, and so she decided to expand her site and combine music and combat sports. She began interviewing fighters to give fans an insight of their training life and of course their music taste when they are training.

E is dedicated to bringing you updates and her own opinions on the hottest Hip Hop music in the culture, from underground to mainstream.

She also hopes to give you an insight on the fight sport world.

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